Based on our research, people from third world countries are facing lots of difficulties and harsh conditions most especially on financial problems. These conditions could be as a result of poor planning from the authorities like not knowing what to do at the right time to assist its citizens. Even the ones that have the money and opportunities to do so, do not know where and how to invest them wisely.
Secondly Government polices; not studying properly before going into any kind of investment. Again the selfishness of some top Government officials. This attitude of non implementation of real policies that can benefit their citizens at all level is common in third world countries.
Love Humanity Foundation freely give advice to correct these measures, this is what MICRO SYSTEM ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME is all about. We act as advisers to institutions, Governments, Agencies and Individuals. This is our own contribution to the growth of the economy and the long run effect of this system is that the less privilege people in our society would benefit more from this programme if the economy gets well again. We also assist by teaching people on how to be self – reliant because we believe that once you engage yourself in doing some gainful activities, you would be able to take care of yourself and your family. Surely with this system, poverty would be eradicated. This is our goal.

The team Love Humanity Foundation would always help people technically and financially to achieve their dreams and become useful to themselves and to the society at large. This system is in line with our aims and objectives as designed by Love Humanity Foundation. A world wide charity organization with good intention of alleviating poverty in our society and around the world. This goal we intend to achieve through different methods.
The program will be in three stages , which are :
– Identify the less privileged and register them
– Train them in various hand crafts like hair dressing , mechanics, bakery etc.
– At the end of the training , the successful candidates would either be provided with credit assistance or we would buy them the equipment to help them start up the work or business they learnt.
This program believes in one adage which says, ”Don’t give a fish but teach me how to fish”. In order words, the major aim of this program is to teach the less privileged in our society how to fish by themselves in order to be able to provide and sustain their lives independently.
The management of this program will be reviewing this program every eighteen (18) months. The loan will be repaid without any interest charged on it after the 18th month.
For more information, please contact us by writing to us through our email address, we will get back to you as soon as possible.